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The world’s largest curved-screen Ultra HD TV is available to buy now — for an eye-bulging  $120,000.

Samsung curved-screen Ultra HD TV

The UN105S9W, along with Samsung’s whole line of new, curved UHD TVs, was first announced in January at CES 2014 in Las Vegas.

Samsung describes its 105-inch curved 4K Ultra HD TV as  the ‘ultimate immersive experience’.

Given the huge price tag, the curved UN105S9W will be made-to-order only, as it is not exactly a product that will see a huge demand.

The ultra-high-definition TV offers four times the definition of a HD TV, as well as the ability to upscale  the resolution of existing high-definition content.

It features an aspect ratio of 21:9, which tends to be more compatible with the ratio used by ultra-widescreen movies, as opposed to the 16:9 that is used by most HD TV shows.

The wider shape caused by the curved screen results into a resolution of 5,120 by 2,160 pixels — an enormous 11million pixels in total.

Samsung curved-screen Ultra HD TV

The TV uses Samsung’s unique UHD Dimming and Precision Black, allowing it to display blacks that are deeper and whites that are brighter compared to other high definition TVs on the market.

The luxury TV also shows off Quad Screen, which allows users to split up the TV’s screen into four, smaller HD screens.

A variety of different content can then be displayed on the four screens, including local television, video streaming, web surfing and video games, all at the same time.

The UN105S9W also uses Samsung Smart Hub, which allows users to display pictures, videos and stream content through streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

Customers who purchase the UN105S9W should expect to wait around about 12 weeks while the TV is manufactured.

Given the technology involved, Samsung will send field engineers, under the ‘Samsung Elite Service’ program, to aid with the setup of the TV, which can be personalized according to the needs of the user.

A specially designed wall mount can be purchased from Samsung, as well  as the company’s Evolution Kit.

Evolution Kit  allows new software to be installed as well as new hardware such as connectors so the TV will keep up to date with advancing technologies.

All this can be yours for $120,000.

Samsung curved-screen Ultra HD TV

And while this may seem a tad steep, last year Samsung launched an even larger flat-screen UHD TV, the 110-inch UN110S9, for a whopping $150,000.

Within 24 hours the Samsung confirmed it had already sold ten of them to customers in the Middle East.

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Piagnet unveiled their latest luxury jewellery collection this week, inspired by Joséphine de Beauharnais and her love of roses.

Joséphine de Beauharnais

The Swiss jewellery maker presented the Piaget Rose Passion collection, which they say embodies the character traits passions of Napoleon Bonaparte’s first wife.

Through its interpretation of roses, the collection reflects the elegance of the Empress, who was known to wear gold-embroidered dresses with floral motifs.

Josephine devoted her life to the most elegant  of all flowers, yearly increasing her amazing rose collection at the Château de Malmaison.

Joséphine de Beauharnais's Roses

All of the pieces in the collection are bound by the theme of the rose and the spirit of Josephine and her love of nature and the beautifully elegant flower.

One of the highlights of her stunning rose collection, the Yves Piaget rose, features eighty lace petals and a distinctive scent.

Piaget has worked tirelessly to restore the Malmaison rose garden, and now the jeweller say the they are paying tribute to the Yves Piaget, which they say is entwined with the history of the brand.

The six unique Métiers d’Art watches in the collection are the jewellers particular homage to  the Yves Piaget rose.

They come in six different colour combinations and each one was created by master artisans using the rare Grand Feu enamelling technique.

Piaget’s passion in this collection is clear given the hundreds of hours that has gone into making this labour of love.

The 100 pieces from the Piaget Haute Joaillerie and Métiers d’Art lines, encompasses watches, jewellery and High jewellery items, together with special craftsman-created aesthetic creations.

The stunning collection also includes 25 beautiful and elegant watches that are worthy of adorning the wrist of the Empress herself.

Piage Rose

All of the pieces are based on a luminous choice of colourful and precious stones such as yellow diamonds, emeralds, rose sapphires.

They also comprise of a number of hard stones including chrysocolla, chrysoprase and chalcedony, with pink and green being featuring in a large number of the pieces.

The entire collection was manufactured in Piaget’s Jewellery workshops, and features  Jewellery that can be worn in many different ways including  combs, tiaras as well as the brand’s cherished cuff-watches and secret watches.

Piaget say the exuberantly coloured exoticism of collection is reminiscent of Josephine’s origins, the island of Martinique. The Swiss Jeweller proudly says it has created a modern, feminine and elegant collection, much like Josephine and the extraordinary life she led.

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The iconic British luxury brand Burberry has posted a 12% increase in revenues during the last quarter.


Retail revenues for the three months to June 30 were £370million, up almost 10% from the same period in 2013, while like-for-like sales grew by 12%.

The figures surpassed City estimates and subsequently sent shares 5% higher, to £14.91 in early trading.

Burberry announced significant sales growth in China, which is currently one of the strongest regions in the luxury goods market.

Sales  saw double-digit growth in Asia-Pacific and the Americas. Europe, Middle East, India and Africa posted low single-digit sales growth.

Richard Hunter, head of equities at Hargreaves Lansdown Stockbrokers, said the announcement showed signs the iconic brand was blowing away some cobwebs from their recent woes.

Burberry's Christopher Bailey

Despite promising sales figures, Burberry warned it could take a hit from the strong pound.  It said if exchange rates remain as they are, the impact on its 2015 profits will be ‘material’.

They warned that rebasing 2014 retail/wholesale profit for current effective exchange rates would now reduce reported profit by about £55million.

The fashion house has also come in for flack after investors voted against voting against the £10million pay package awarded to new boss Christopher Bailey at the annual general meeting in London.

Burberry Regent's Street

Mr Bailey, who was appointed chief executive in May, is credited with transforming the fortunes of the company, turning it into the luxury industry’s digital leader and overseeing a reinvigoration of the company’s design.

He has an annual allowance of £440,000 on top of his £1.1million salary, and he was also awarded 500,000 in Burberry shares when he took up his role, which is currently worth more than £7million.

Burberry ‘s chairman, Sir John Peace,  admitted it was a lot of money, but said it was ‘essential’ in order to keep Mr Bailey in the business. He also said Bailey would only benefit from his share award if he stayed at the company for five years.

However a large chunk of the shareholder clearly did not feel the same way, as 52% voted not to support the remuneration report.

While the fashion house admitted it was ‘disappointed’, the vote was not binding.

However a binding vote on its new overall pay policy was passed after 84% of shareholder votes in favour.

And while a Mr Bailey’s pay package was clearly a point of contention, his appointment was not, as 99% approved , and Mr Bailey’s appointment was approved by 99%.

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Luxury apartments in London certainly don’t come on the cheap and the very best don’t come around all that often, which is why they are so sought after.

A rented luxury penthouse in one of the capital’s most prestigious areas can set you back hundreds of thousands of pounds per year.

One property that has just come on the market has blown the roof off its rivals, and will set its new owner back a cool £2.6million per year.

Wellington Court

The London penthouse went on the market earlier this month for a record-breaking £50,000 per week, the equivalent of £7,142 per day or £297 per hour.

That enormous figure is £5,000 per week more than the previous most expensive rental – one of the apartment’s neighbours in One Hyde Park.

The six-bedroom apartment in Wellington Court is located in Knightsbridge, looking over the iconic Hyde Park.

Every one of the ’boutique hotel’ style bedrooms come with en-suite bathrooms.

Wellington Court

The plush apartment also comes with a grand reception and luxury dining room which is more than adequate for holding grand dinner parties and a bar to boot.

For those who prefer things a little low key, fear not, as the apartment comes with a impressive library and study area.

Did we mention that it comes with its own cinema? That’s right, a state of the art private cinema.

Of course all this still doesn’t quite justify the enormous price tag, but throw in a gym, massage room, jacuzzi room and six garden terraces with panoramic views and the price starts to become a little more understandable.

Wellington Court

Unlike many London properties, space isn’t so much of an issue in this particular apartment.

£50,000 gets you a lot of bang for your buck, 9,000 bangs to be precise.

The apartment has a huge 9,000 square feet of interior space while the terraces measure a total of 2,000 square feet.

That’s the equivalent of two newly-built homes.

The unbelievable apartment is fully furnished and ready for someone to come and enjoy the luxuries it offers.

Wellington Court

A number of estate agents, including Strutt and Parker, have placed the ‘spectacular’ Wellington Court apartment on the rental market.

Charlie Willis, from Strutt and Parker compared the stylish interior to an elaborate, luxury boat, and said it is one of the finest positions in London featuring sensational views.

The month’s rent will set the new tenant back £216,667, while a year in the luxury penthouse will cost whopping £2.6million.


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The German luxury watchmaker Glashutte Original has released a limited edition skeletonised timepiece – the Senator Manual Winding Skeleton Edition.

Senator Manual Winding Skeleton Edition

Part of what makes the best luxury watches so valuable is the hundreds of painstaking hours which goes into making them by human hands.

However, high-end hand-made luxury watches are a rarity, though human hands are usually involved in at least part of the process with most luxury time-pieces.

The vast majority of modern watch movements have parts which are produced by specialised industrial machines which are designed to cut intricately small parts.

Luxury watch makers specialise in the process that occurs after these delicate parts come out of the machine, which is known as ‘finishing’.

This involves checking parts for quality and cleaning them and then applying the finishing touches to the design of the watch.

This is where skeletonised watches come into their own, as it puts the craftsmanship right at the forefront.

Not only does the watch maker choose to display the movement within the watch, removing any unnecessary pieces leaving only the skeleton of the movement, but they also elegantly decorate it.

The end result offers an intimate view into the mechanism of the watch, and the Glashutte Original Caliber 49-18 movement is a fine example of the intricate process.

 Senator Manual Winding Skeleton Edition

The German-made manually wound movement keeps things simple, displaying just the time and featuring a classic design.

Inside, each hand-cut movement is carefully polished and then decorated with engravings, and under close inspection of the bridges you will see hand-applied Arabesque patterns.

The painstaking piece is presented in a 42mm polished 18 carat red gold case, with a very thin profile, and has a 40-hour power reserve.

The rear of the Senator Manual Winding Skeleton Edition watch, like the front, is absolute wonder to behold.

A sign of a well-made skeletonised watch is a very meticulous level of decoration that takes into consideration all angles of the movement.

One can easily see through the Senator Manual Winding Skeleton One as the movement is lodged between pieces of sapphire crystal.

Senator Manual Winding Skeleton Edition Interior

The timepiece will come on a matte black Louisiana alligator strap along with an 18 carat red gold folding clasp.

Every movement bears a limited edition number which coincides with the number engraved on the case.

Only a 100 Glashütte Original Senator Moon Phase Skeletonised Edition will be made worldwide.

Of course this extraordinary craftsmanship won’t come cheap, and will set you back $37,100.

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