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Last month at the annual Cannes Yachting Festival, Dominator Yachts unveiled a stunning new luxury boat to add to their already impressive collection.

The D26 Ilumen, though it has not yet been built, is a 87-foot semicustom model that uses hybrid propulsion, and took two years to develop.

The D26 Ilumen

The D26 Ilumen features four power modes ranging from pure electric, which engages the electric engines, enabling the yacht to travel at speeds up to 6 knots.

There is also diesel and electric, which engages both the diesel and electric engines, allowing for speeds  up to 26 knots.

The yacht can travel more than 3,400 miles before refuelling, when cruising at a speed of 8 knots, matching boats more than twice its size.

The hull is made from carbon composite, helping reduce the weight while increasing rigidity, allowing it cut through waves while maintaining a comfortable ride.

The multilayer hull is reinforced to reduce onboard noise.

The yacht was designed by Alberto Mancini, a young Italian designer who has been responsible for a number of luxury yachts launched in the last few years.

Somehow Mancini has helped the D26 Ilumen the feel of a much larger vessel.

For example, the full-beam master suite measures more than 320 square feet.

The suite is situated on the main deck toward the bow, and features a forward panel of floor-to-ceiling windows, which slide open to a private terrace at the bow.

A large sliding sunroof allows occupants to sleep beneath the stars.

The massive flybridge comes with a hot tub, bar, dining table, padded lounge area, helm station, and retractable sunroof.

The D26 Ilumen

The yacht’s saloon has floor-to-ceiling windows aft and at the sides, helping create the illusion of extra space and provide ample light.

The stern door folds down to create a swim platform and interior lounge area, a feature common aboard megayachts but rarely seen on sub-100-foot boats.

Below the deck, the D26 Ilumen can come with a couple of options.

The yacht can be equipped with two guest cabins and either two larger cabins or one full-beam VIP suite.

The D26 Ilumen

In true Dominator yachts style, the D26 Ilumen can be customized with virtually any materials and furnishings to meet all tastes.

The first example for the first D26 Ilumen features onyx, zebrano, and silk, among other materials.

Dominator Yachts has not yet announced pricing for the D26 Ilumen, or an expected launch date for the first example.

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Piaggio Aero Industries has ‘rewrote the rulebook’ on aviation with the launch of its new $7.4million luxury aircraft.

Avanti EVO encompasses the very best of Italian style, peerless craftsmanship, and intelligent thinking to create an aircraft that stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Avanti EVO Piaggio

Building on the company’s Avanti II twin turbopro, Avanti EVO is Avanti EVO is faster, more efficient, quieter, more luxurious, and goes further.

As well as a luxurious, spacious cabin, Avanti EVO features performance that tops many jets,  at a fraction of the direct running costs.

Avanti EVO can reach speeds of  463mph, making  it easily the fastest twin turboprop in the world.

Elegant winglets aid efficiency, new scimitar propellers reduces noise, range extends up to 1720nm, and fuel burn and emissions are also reduced.

Piaggio Aero Industries claim to have cut emissions by three% and increased climb performance by three% also.

The aircraft also features an improved service and support network. A new maintenance program can keep costs under control better than ever.

Avanti EVO represents some of the most advanced aerodynamic concepts and manufacturing techniques in all of aviation, and is the product of countless hours of research and development to create the perfect flying machine.

The spectacular aircraft features ’3LS’ Three Lifting Surface design, which aids safety, reduces drag, and significantly aids efficiencies.

Avanti EVO Piaggio

Avanti EVO’s design aids its efficiency and speed, enhances safety and helps the pilots throughout flight.

Piaggio Aero Industries says Avanti EVO brings a ‘new era of speed and minimized environmental impact to life’.

Inside, the enormous stand-up cabin is the biggest in class at 5ft 9in (1.75m) high and 6ft 1in (1.85m) wide .

It is far more spacious than very expensive jets and gives passengers space to get stuck into work or put their feet up.

Avanti EVO  also features a huge rear cabin, volume that can accommodate  up to nine passengers, making it the most space-per-seat in class.

Avanti EVO Piaggio Cabin

The aircraft retains sea level cabin altitude to 24,000ft, rising to only 6600ft cabin altitude at the aircraft’s 41,000ft ceiling.

Lower cabin altitude means passengers disembark feeling fresher and more revitalized.

EVO has five different floor plan choices, depending on how many people you plan on seating.

Of course travelling in this much style won’t come cheap. Avanti EVO  is priced at around $7.4million, though will likely end up steeper depending on extras.

The luxury aircraft is planned for delivery in October.

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Dom Pérignon has opened a champagne bar in the Ritz-Carlton Montreal, the first of its kind in all of Canada.

Dom Perignon Champagne Bar

The social elite swarmed to the luxury hotel to toast the grand opening of the Dom Pérignon Champagne Bar, which is located in the historic hotel’s iconic Palm Court.

Located near many high-end boutiques, galleries and museums, this luxury hotel offers 96 guest rooms and 33 suites featuring the latest in high-tech amenities.

Stephane de Meurville, the General Manager of Moët-Hennessy Canada, said the luxury hotel is ‘a place that embodies the true Dom Pérignon values of excellence, elegance and expertise’.

The elegant, custom-designed black bar offers a notable contrast to the light and open setting of Palm Court.

Both Rosé & Brut Dom Pérignon are available by the glass and bottle.

Dom Perignon Champagne Bar

Champagne isn’t the only thing on the menu however, as the full service bar also features an exclusive cocktail menu.  The bar offers a variety of spirits and drinks too.

The Dom Pérignon Champagne Bar will further reinforce the Ritz-Carlton Montreal’s standing as one of the finest luxury Hotel’s in Quebec.

Ritz-Carlton Montreal  was granted the prestigious CAA/AAA Five Diamond Award, the only one in Quebec. The luxury hotel has been the most elegant address in the city since 1912.

In May, 2012, the hotel re-opened after a multi-million pound restoration that took several years to complete, with restoration work seeing the Montreal landmark transformed into a chic and modern space.

The Ritz-Carlton Montreal  was the first hotel in the world to combine the Ritz and Carlton designations.

The luxury hotel  is located in the heart of Golden Square Mile, home to Montreal’s wealthiest  in the early twentieth century.

Ritz-Carlton Montreal  represents refinement and elegance, and has been welcomed by some of the world’s most influential heads of state, artists and business tycoons.

A number of leading figures from the 20th century’s have stayed there, including the Queen Mother, Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle, Richard Nixon, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Brian Mulroney and former US president George Bush Senior.

Hollywood stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton also celebrated their first wedding at the hotel.

And with the launch of the Dom Pérignon Champagne Bar, many more stars and leading figures are sure to grace the luxury hotel with their presences when in the city.

Dom Perignon Champagne Bar

Ritz-Carlton Montreal’s Dom Pérignon Champagne Bar is open in the evenings from Thursday-Saturday, from 5.00pm to 11.00pm.

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The Delano Las Vegas

15 October 2014

Las Vegas’ newest luxury hotel has finally opened its doors.

The Delano Las Vegas

The Delano Las Vegas, formerly known as THEhotel, Delano is the result of a massive re-imagination.

All-suites within the 43-story property hotel, each one 725 square feet, is operated through a partnership between MGM Resorts International and Morgan’s Hotel Group.

Unlike the majority of hotels in Sin City, the Delano Las Vegas is non-gaming and non-smoking.

Situated in a unique desert oasis location, the Delano Las Vegas have attempted to set itself apart from the many luxury hotels it has to compete with.

For starters, you will be greeted by a huge 126,000-pound boulder that lies just beyond the wood-slatted gate that marks the entrance.

The enormous specimen is about 150million years old, nine-feet tall and five-feet deep.

The boulder is so enormous it needed a 240-ton hydraulic crane to hoist it onto a flatbed and deliver it to the property.

Upon entering the hotel,  guests can a wall of river stones suspended from the ceiling in a piece by Korean artist Jaehyo Lee. It is the first piece of work Lee has displayed in Las Vegas to date.

The Delano Las Vegas Art

Verena Haller, Senior Vice President of Design for Morgan’s Hotel Group, said the group wanted to remind those who came to Delano Las Vegas that there is such beauty and peace in desert areas.

He said they wanted the hotel to be a kind of oasis and a homage to the luminous facets of our desert environment.

In terms of the rooms themselves,  suite guests will enjoy a 46-inch flat-screen Samsung TV, Keurig coffeemaker and spa-style baths.

They also  feature floor-to-ceiling windows as well as views of the strip and desert mountains beyond.

With Jane Cox, Director of Spa Services, and the MGM/Morgan’s Hotel Group team have re-envisioned the 14,000-square-foot Bathhouse Spa, sourcing a range of desert materials.

The hotel offer spa treatments that use naturally-sourced desert materials such as desert lavender, sage, lemon oil, lily and Prickly Pear.

The Delano Las Vegas Spa

Onto the food, which is as exciting as you would expect.

The resort’s new Della’s Kitchen restaurant is overseen by Executive Chef Susan Wolfla, who is committed to locally-sourced food, much of which is grown in the hotel’s greenhouse.

Della’s Kitchen is one of four restaurants within the hotel that includes Mix at Delano, a high end venue from chef Alain Ducasse.

Rooms at the Delano Las Vegas start about $115 on a weeknight and rise to around $500 on weekends.

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14 October 2014

A social network designed at connecting the world’s elite has launched this month.

The brainchild of James Touchi-Peters, 48, aims to service the 0.5% of global millionaires.

James Touchi-Peters

The former conductor of the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra created after growing disillusioned with the current batch of social networks.

Touchi-Peters  said he searched for people with a certain type of experience which matched his own, something which he struggled to find even with the great expanse of the web.

This led him to create Netropolitan, a place where he can meet and talk to other people who have shared similar experiences as his own and were similarly wealthy.

And by wealthy, he means millionaires.

After much research, the former conductor  found that one out of every 200 people in the world have more than $1million in assets.

In the USA that figure was considerably higher, at around  one out of 50, or 2%.

He quickly realised there was an untapped network just  waiting to be brought together, so he set about creating his own website in order to service the 0.5% of global millionaires.

And thus, called was born.

Netropolitan Profile

Of course given the exclusivity of Netropolitan, becoming a member doesn’t come cheap. Users must cough up a one-time initiation costs of $6,000 followed by a $3,000 annual fee.

Touchi-Peters says the hefty fee will help keep the membership exclusive.

For that kind of money, users will want to be assured they don’t get bombarded by any unnecessary distractions.

Unlike Facebook, will have no ads and no access from the rest of the web. isn’t even indexed by search engines. Touchi-Peters claims it’s as secure as technology can make it, and says everything is encrypted.

Unlike Facebook and Google Netropolitan won’t  sell your data or give it away.

Like Facebook or Twitter, users will be able to form chat groups around mutual interests and post status updates and access posts of all users.


The website will be moderated and there will be a 24-hour member service associate to help with any technical issues. Touchi-Peters claims to have already signed up a small group of elite-members.

Of course $9,000 is a lot of money to spend on a virtual network, but as Touchi-Peters points out, a lot of wealthy individuals in smaller cities don’t have local social outlets, but there are lots of people who still want  says to talk with people from anywhere in the world.

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