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Hot on the heels of the iPhone 6 announcement, a luxury phone brand is offering bespoke handsets for up to $52.4million.

New York-based luxury brand Falcon are offering  a bespoke iPhone 6 fitted with a platinum, 24-karat gold or rose gold case and embedded in the back with a sapphire, emerald, ruby or diamond.

Falcon iPhone 6 Collection

The base model fitted with a black diamond will set you back $1.78million, while the  pink diamond-embedded ‘Super Nova’ edition will put a dent in your bank balance to the tune of  $52.4million.

Falcon says it uses premium metals, gemstones, and materials to fabricate limited editions for ‘ultra high net worth consumers and collectors who seek a unique experience with mobile computing devices and accessories’.

The luxury brand are offering 24 choices in the iPhone 6 collection. All 24 combine the three same-cost case choices,  platinum, 24-carat gold and rose gold and eight embedded gems.

This is where the cost starts to skyrocket.

Black diamond costs $1.78million, emerald cut diamond costs $2.43million while blue sapphire, emerald or ruby costs $5.13million.

The next step up is quite a significant one.

Blue diamond will set you back a whopping $35.1million, orange diamond for $45.9million and pink diamond for $52.4million.

Each phone comes with 128GB of memory and standard iPhone equipment including a USB cable, power adapter, user manual and standard Apple headphones.

Falcon can also supply ear pods in solid platinum, 24-karat gold or rose gold to match your phone. This added luxury will set you back $324,000.

Falcon iPhone 6 Earbuds

The phone will be unlocked worldwide and comes with a five-year warranty.

Falcon also offer an ‘elite’ 24-hour concierge service that they say  provides 24-hour worldwide assistance, recommendations and services.

Users shall have no fears over privacy with their new headset neither, as Falcon guarantees that all communications will evade global electronic surveillance.

The company claims all calls, texts and video chats cannot be monitored, logged for meta data, or subpoenaed by a government organisation on a Falcon device.

If you’re allured to the idea of a luxury mobile phone, but can’t quite stretch to Falcon’s budget, there are other  not-so-pricey alternatives on the market.

Los Angeles-based Brikk are offering  platinum or 24-carat or pink  gold iPhone 6′s, with a diamond-encrusted Apple logo to the back for $12,836.

Brick iPhone 6

If you want to go even further down the scale, London-based Goldgenie will bling up your new iPhone 6 in 24-carat gold, rose gold or platinum for just a mere $3,842.

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The luxury watchmaker Blancpain has outdone itself with another exceptional timepiece to add to its collection – the 242 tourbillon.


Patented in 1801 par A.-L. Breguet, the tourbillon is one of the finest achievements of the watchmaker’s craft, and only a handful of watchmakers have the ability to construct it.

The tourbillon compensates for running errors due to gravity by mounting the balance wheel in a rotating cage.

In 1989, Blancpain presented a flying tourbillon, which runs in a carriage restrained and guided by a tiny ball bearing. This system provides a completely unimpeded view of the tourbillon cage.

Blancpain has developed and sold the greatest number of models combining the tourbillon with other complications.

At the turn of the century, the Le Brassus Manufacture presented the world’s first combination of the Tourbillon and Chronograph complications.

Developed in watchmaking workshops of the factory, the new 242 further improves on the recnordbreaking Calibre 25 unveiled in 1998, which was the world’s first self-winding tourbillon with a 8-day power reserve.

This new self-winding tourbillon features an exceptional power reserve of 12 days guaranteed with a single barrel.

Comprising of 243 parts within a thickness of 6.10 mm and a diameter of 30.60 mm, it is equipped with  silicon balancespring and pallet-fork horns in order to alleviate the effects of magnetic fields.

For this new model, every detail of the movement was thought to enhance the decoration visible through the sapphire crystal.


Because of this, the automatic power reserve have been integrated to create a flat movement.

Additionally, the rotor is completely perforated and sidewalks removed leaving more surface decoration.

Bridges and hard power reserve are fully guilloche hand ancestral know-how requiring meticulous and precise execution, while the ratchet is dressed in a wheel rim.

On the dial side, the tourbillon cage was expanded to offer a perfect view of the new design of the balance and escape wheel.

The tourbillon cage has no upper deck, leaving plenty of time to admire the complex mechanism, and rotates per minute, offsetting the effects of gravity.

The watch features characteristics of the Villeret collection, featuring Roman numerals are grand feu enamel accented with sage leaves hollowed needles painted on the dial.

Blancpain Watch

The Blancpain tourbillon, with its double stepped 42 mm case, is available in a limited numbered platinum edition.

It is also available in 18-karat red gold along with an alligator strap lined with chocolate leather alzavel calf and a three blade folding clasp.

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A luxury one of a kind gold-plated replica of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 is to be sold off for charity this month

Gold Aston Martin

James Bond film creator EON Productions has commissioned the building of the unique replica to raise money for the NSPCC.

The third scale Goldfinger replica has been signed by Sir Ken Adam, the Bond production designer who designed the Q branch mods for Sean Connery’s  iconic 1964 car.

Built by Proshop, the prop maker responsible for building the DB5 replicas used in Skyfall,  the 24-carat gold-plated and replica has been accurately created using 3D scanning technology and an original car.

The DB5 comes with radio controlled machine guns, a bullet-proof shield and revolving number plate, just like the 1964 original.

Gold Aston Martin

The Goldfinger model is expected to sell for between £40,000 and £60,000, as it is the only one of its kind in the world to be built under licence.

It might seem like a lot of money for a replica, but it is but a fraction of the cost of an original working DB5.

Well maintained motor’s regularly sell for upwards of £500,000, while convertibles can sell at auction for more than £1million.

In addition the gold DB5, the Christie’s will auction off  a unique Goldfinger Seamaster Aqua Terra watch.

The luxury timepiece is also made of 18-carat gold and features a 007 counterweight. It is expected to sell for between £8000 and £12,000.

Gold Aston Martin

A first edition Ian Fleming Goldfinger book, British cinema poster for the film and special (one of 40) Daniel Craig signed golden edition of Taschen’s The James Bond Archives, are all expected to sell for between £1000 and £2000.

The bidding has already begun and will run up until September 17,  at

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Les Legendes de Bugatti

8 September 2014

Bugatti have unveiled the sixth and final special edition of its world renowned hypercar, the Bugatti Veyron.

Les Legendes de Bugatti, meaning Bugatti Legends in English, is the name given to a series of ultra exclusive Veyron hypercars.

So far five different models have been unveiled, and now the final, and arguably most breathtaking, has been revealed to make car lovers around the world salivate uncontrollably.


All six of the Bugatti Legends series are based on the open-top Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse, the roadster version of the more powerful Super Sport.

The Ettore  Bugatti edition, named after Bugatti’s founder, follows suit.

The Ettore Bugatti Legend boasts an engine that uses 37.2 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres in urban areas, producing 539 grams of CO2 per kilometre driven on the combined cycle.

The monster 8-litre quad-turbo W16 mill churns out 1,200 horsepower and 1,500 Nm (1,106 lb-ft) of torque.

Powered by the dual-clutch transmission and a Haldex all-wheel drive system, the Ettore Bugatti can reach 62 mph (100 km/h) in just 2.6 seconds.


Bugatti claim their latest Veyron can reach a top speed of 254mph – with the roof down – making the Veyron Ettore Bugatti Legend the fastest production roadster in the world.

Heavily inspired by the old school Type 41 Royale from the 1930s, the Ettore Bugatti is hand-polished aluminium finished in a clear lacquer.

The same material and finish is used for the side panels, side mirror housings, door handles, passenger doors and wings.

Chromatic contrast is achieved by using dark-blue carbon fibre for the vehicle’s rear, A-pillar trims and sill panels.

The extravagance doesn’t stop their either, as polished, diamond-cut wheels, colour-coded in navy blue add another meaning to the word ‘bling’.

The wheels are inspired by Bugatti’s original eight-spoke wheels on racing cars such as the Type 35.


Of course given the wonders of automotive technology that has gone into producing this incredible vehicle, getting your hands on one is going to be a tad tricky.

Only 15 Bugatti Veyrons are still for sale, and if you do manage to somehow have the opportunity to acquire one, you best be sure your pockets are deep.

Prices begin for the Veyron Ettore Bugatti Legend at €2.35million, with that figure rising considerably depending on what add-ons you wish to purchase.

On August 15th, the French hypercar manufacturer will Veyron Ettore Bugatti Legend at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

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A exquisite pink diamond headlining Sotheby’s autumn sales in Hong Kong is set to become one the most expensive jewels to ever sell at auction.


The unusually flawless 8.41-carat pink diamond is expected to fetch between $12.8million and $15.4milion at auction on October 7 – working out at $1.5milion per carat.

If it sells towards the top end of that estimate it would put it among the top three pink stones ever sold at auction on a per-carat basis.

Quek Chin Yeow, chairman of Sotheby’s international jewellery business in Asia, describes it as ‘one of the most beautiful and concentrated shades of pink in diamonds’ that he has ever seen.

Flawless Pink Diamond

He said the exquisite pink diamond continues Sotheby’s tradition of bringing some of the rarest and most extraordinary objects to market.

Just last year Sotheby’s received a world record fee for a white diamond when it auctioned a huge 118.28-carat stone for $30.6million.

Another unusually coloured pink diamond, the Graff Pink , blew that out of the water.

The 24.8-carat stone took the record for any jewel at auction when Laurence Graff, founder of the Graff Diamonds, bought the Graff Pink for $46.2million in 2010 – or $1.9million per carat.

The Graff Pink Diamond

Arnaud Bastien, regional director for Graff in Asia, where the company is slowly  expanding, says that pink diamonds are ‘rare like you cannot imagine’.

Pink stones account for less than 1% of mined stones, which is why they fetch such a hefty price at auction.

They were first discovers in the mines of India some centuries ago, and have since been covered by royalty and prized by connoisseurs.

Queen Elizabeth II was presented one at her wedding.

The  Hortense from the Crown Jewels of France is a pink diamond, as was the Darya-i-Nur from the Iranian Crown Jewels.

Babur, founder of the Mogul Empire was said to possess one also.

The price of white diamonds has steadied in recent years, though more unusual coloured gems has seen their price sky-rocket.

Many of the auctions for the more flamboyant stones have leaned towards the Chinese market, where a rise in millionaires has produced new buyers for the higher end of the diamond market.

Quek Chin Yeow, said their appeal as saleable assets has helped galvanise the appeal of the best gems towards Chinese buyers.

Prior to the auction, the stone will be previewed in Singapore, Taipei, New York, London, Geneva and Hong Kong.

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